Permits and Inspections

A Note On Scheduling

The building inspection list is based on first come first serve basis and will be block scheduled (AM or PM). We will no longer guarantee time specific requests. All calls that come in after 8 am will be scheduled for the next business day and no more than 24 hours in advance.

We will review any inspection requests that may be deemed an emergency and coordinate those accordingly. Such emergencies typically include any work that may be hazardous to the public if left unfinished. Also depending on the time of year, an emergency could be someone who has had utilities disrupted and is waiting on inspection to restore service.

When your inspection is designated as an AM inspection, please be aware that this is an estimate based on a review by the inspectors of their daily workload and an assumption of how long each inspection will take. Inspections may take longer than originally estimated which can impact whether your inspection will occur in the AM.

Please do not hesitate to contact City Hall 580-336-4241 for all inspection requests. You may call or come in to speak with us for general inquiries but please understand we are working as hard as we can to provide the best customer service to all of Perry.

Please note that it is the permit holder or their authorized agent's responsibility to notify us when inspections are to be scheduled or cancelled. Failure to notify us of inspections not being ready may result in a reinspection fee being added to your permit. This fee would be due before any additional inspections are performed or before your certificate of occupancy is issued. To prevent any unnecessary charges, please do not schedule inspections until the work is completed and ready to inspect.

622 Cedar St.
Perry, OK 73077

(580) 336-4241

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8am - 4pm

Online Permit Application

You can apply for your permits online using our permit application portal.  Applying for permits online is faster and easier than filling out a paper application, taking only a few minutes to complete and submit, and it's the preferred method for permit applications.  The process works on everything from a smartphone to a desktop.


The City of Perry is now offering GIS maps of the city for use by builders, contractors, or others who may need access to such information.  The maps are provided as-is and may not reflect recent changes.

Municipal Code

The Code of Ordinances for the City of Perry is available in a categorized and fully searchable online version.  The code is updated periodically and may not reflect the most recent changes.

Paper Applications

Paper applications are still available for those who are uninterested in the speed and convenience of applying online.  Please download the appropriate application at the link below, complete it, and bring it to City Hall or email it to City Hall Email.  Associated fees can be paid at City Hall.